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Mr. Darta biography

Mr. I Nyoman Darta is the Principal of SMA Bali Mandara for the period 2011-2022. He was the first principal to adopt the TM technique in his school. His contribution in advancing education for poor students is enormous. SMAN Bali Mandara is a boarding school that accommodates underprivileged students throughout Bali. For his extraordinary dedication he was able to deliver these poor students to be smart and successful. His experience in improving the quality of education for poor students at SMAN Bali Mandara certainly experienced various challenges, one of which was making students excel in the midst of busy student activities at school. Therefore, in 2012, when the Education for World Peace project was introductory lecture at SMAN Bali Mandara, Mr. I Nyoman Darta decided to adopt the TM technique to all school members. And after the school community applied this technique, they found extraordinary results, namely the growth of student achievement in the midst of their busy lives.

After entering his retirement period in July 2022, the E4P team offered Mr. Nyoman Darta to join and participate in creating peace through education by becoming a school principal consultant. Mr. Nyoman Darta decided to join the e4p team. There were many considerations that made the team invite Mr. Nyoman Darta to join the team to become an E4P Principals Consultant, namely he has a high enthusiasm in the field of education so that he is able to provide consultations to school principals, he is a respected figure by school principals in Bali, he has implemented the TM technique from 2012 at his previous school and this will enable him to give testimony and experience in implementing TM at school.

The E4P Team facilitates the Principal to exchange ideas with Mr. Nyoman Darta both regarding tips in advancing the school which is certainly the goal of every school, as well as regarding the implementation of TM in schools according to his experience when he was Principal at a boarding school, namely SMAN Bali. Mandara and in some regular schools

During his time as the principal of the school, Mr. I Nyoman Darta achieved various very proud achievements. Here are some of the achievements he achieved during his time as principal

  • 1st Winner of the 2006 National Level School Management Innovation Competition
  • 1st Winner of the 2007 National Achievement Principal
  • And award recipient of Bali Mandara Parama Nugraha trophy 2015.
  • Won the Widya Kusuma award from the Provincial Government in 2007
  • Third Place in the 2018 National School Principal Best Practice Competition
  • 1st Winner of Provincial Level SPMI Dissemination in 2019
  • 1st Winner of Strengthening Provincial Level School Principal Training in 2019

Mr. Darta's visits

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